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The website uses cookies and other mechanisms to collect personal data. Cookies are small text files that, with your consent, the website sends to your device from which you access and stores them there to collect certain data that we then use to improve your user experience, serve you with marketing materials and ads that are of your interest, and other purposes. Among other mechanisms for collecting personal data, this website uses pixels, which are small images placed on the website that allow tracking of your activity on it.

This cookie policy aims to inform you about the cookies and other mechanisms for collecting personal data used by this website. Based on this information, you can make an informed decision on whether to consent to our use of them. uses the following types of cookies:

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Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are necessary for the normal functioning of the website. Without them, the functionality of the website would be impossible. These cookies enable navigation through the website and similar actions. The applicable personal data protection regulations allow us to use these cookies without your consent because it is in your best interest. We use the following essential cookies:

Analytics and Statistics Cookies

The information we obtain from these cookies tells us how many visits we have had to the website, which pages were most visited, what are the demographic characteristics of users, where they live, and so on. Analytical cookies provide us with aggregate data only, which means we cannot see if you specifically have been on the website or not. However, the tools that process such data use the user’s IP address, which is personal data, so we use them only if you give consent. If you do not consent to these cookies, then we use the same data processors but without processing any of your personal data. We use the following analytics and statistics cookies:

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Marketing and Advertising Cookies

We also use cookies and pixels that process personal data needed for targeted advertising on social networks and other internet sites. We use them only if you consent to it. These mechanisms track your activity across various websites on the internet, analyze your interests, and allow us to show you internet ads that are relevant to you and might interest you. We use the following cookies and other mechanisms for collecting personal data:

Deleting or Disabling Cookies

Your web browser allows you to delete or disable the use of cookies. Before doing so, please note that such deletion or disabling may cause certain malfunctions or a lower level of user experience if you have previously consented to the use of such cookies. The following links provide procedures for deleting or disabling cookies through the most popular web browsers:

Changes to the Cookie Policy

We may make changes at any time regarding the data we process, and therefore to the cookies and pixels we use. This policy is informative, so it must change as our activities related to data processing change.


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