Amigos Restaurant

About Us

Amigos is a story about friends, family, and food that awakens the senses. It all began in 2006, when we opened the first Amigos Mexican Cantina in the heart of Skopje. As a family business, we always aimed to create a unique experience that would touch all the senses. By combining traditional and modern influences, our team continuously works dedicatedly to create an ambiance, service, and menu in line with international standards.


Gradually, the original concept of a traditional Mexican Cantina evolved into a modern restaurant and bar, with an enriched selection of food and cocktails, as well as a refreshed interior that reflects modern culinary experience. Finally, in 2020, a new chapter in our story was born with the opening of our second restaurant and bar, Amigos Ljubljanska. Here, well-known elements of the original Amigos experience are included, but with a new, modern twist.


The famous artist and contemporary, Miroslav Masin, has been part of our adventure since the very beginning. He is the visionary behind all the artistic works in our restaurants, from the steel Mexican figures (in the distant 2006), through his colorful contemporary art on the walls of the renovated Amigos Restaurant and Bar, to the complete three-dimensional art installation at Amigos Ljubljanska. As a true visual poet, Masin tells the story of Amigos through art, which is why he is a key part of our story.


From the interior and exterior, to the heart and soul of the restaurant – the kitchen and bar, we have made every effort to make each detail fit into a unique experience that will embrace all the senses. Therefore, Amigos is a place where all lovers of good food and ambiance will feel at home.


Join us for a gourmet meal or a drink from the bar and become part of our story!