Amigos Restaurant

Where to Shop?

1. GTC - Mall

Located right next to the center of Skopje, the City Trade Center or GTC is the oldest mall in the city. It is home to many stores, from luxury brands to outlets, jewelry and sports equipment stores, restaurants and supermarkets (located in the basement). GTC also has pharmacies, banks, and ATMs, as well as parking in the basement. The building itself is of an open type, and the shopping center is only 5 minutes away from the Amigos Mexican Restaurant and Bar.

Gradski Trgovski Centar
Skopje City mall

2. Skopje City Mall

Skopje City Mall is one of the largest malls in Skopje and the best place to shop in the area. In addition to the stores of many well-known brands, bookstores, perfumeries, and a large supermarket, the mall also has a cinema on the second floor. There are also many cafes and restaurants in the mall (one of them is Amigos Ljubljanska, located on the outside of the mall, on the west side), ATMs, and a playground for children outside. The mall also has a large parking lot on 4 floors. Skopje City Mall also has a large selection of luxury brands and multi-brand stores, most of which are located on the first floor. Our suggestion is Magnetik Gallery, a multi-brand showroom representing brands such as Sportmax, Weekend Max Mara, Liu Jo, Pinko, and Patrizia Pepe.

3. Ramstore Mall

A smaller but well-equipped mall where you can find everything from a supermarket, ATMs, pharmacy, and even a post office on the lower level. The mall is one of the best places to shop in the city center and is also close to Amigos Mexican Restaurant and Bar, just a 5-minute walk away. Ramstore is also one of the easier malls to navigate and has plenty of well-known luxury and fast-fashion brands. Its parking lot is right next to the mall, but there are also other parking options nearby. After a delicious meal, you can take a walk to the mall and visit the luxury stores, such as Weekend Max Mara, Marella, Liu Jo, and Pinko, which are located on the ground floor towards the east side of the mall. Enjoy your stroll and find a unique luxury fashion piece that will always remind you of this trip!

Ramstore mall
Ist Gejt Mall

4. East Gate Mall

The newest and largest mall in Skopje, and also the largest mall in the region, is located on the eastern part of the city, on the road from the airport to the center of Skopje. The mall has a large selection of popular brands, a whole corridor of luxury brands, and pretty much everything else you might need. There is a large supermarket on the ground floor, ATMs, a pharmacy, and a great selection of restaurants on the ground floor, as well as fast food options on the first floor. This mall has an underground parking on two levels, as well as parking spaces nearby. East Gate Mall also has the largest concentration of luxury shops. Most of them are located on the so-called Fashion Avenue – the northern corridor of the mall located on the ground floor. Enjoy a little shopping adventure with brands like Patrizia Pepe, Twinset Milano, or Liu Jo, and enrich your wardrobe with a new and exciting luxury fashion piece.

5. Capitol Mall

Relatively smaller than other malls, but still well-equipped, this mall is the best place for shopping in the Aerodrom municipality. The mall has a large number of well-known brands for fast fashion, sports shops, a large supermarket, ATMs, and a pharmacy. The mall is surrounded by cafes and restaurants and has many parking options. Also, on the opposite side of the street, there is another shopping center – Biser, and many other stores in the surrounding buildings.

Capitol Mall