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Top 10 City Attractions

1. Fortress "Kale"

Skopsko Kale

As the highest point in the center of the city, this location has always had a strategic role. The land has been inhabited since Neolithic times, and the first fortress at this location was built in the 6th century. Destroyed and rebuilt by many conquerors, the fortress Kale offers countless stories from the Byzantine and Ottoman times, as well as a beautiful view of the city.

2. Mother Teresa Memorial House

Spomen kukja majka tereza

Built-in memory of the great acts of the religious missionary, in the heart of the city she once called her home. The Memorial House holds many sculptures and relics of the different stages of her life. It’s located in the very place of the church Mother Theresa was baptized in, only 200 feet from Amigos Mexican Restaurant & Bar. Grab a bite, and visit this beautiful sight!

3. Millenium Cross

Mileniumski krst

This 66-meter-high giant lives on the top of Vodno Mountain. As the name suggests, it was built in honor of the second millennium that we celebrated about 20 years ago, and to this day it is the 6th largest cross in the world. Go to the top of Vodno and climb up to the cross itself with an elevator to see Skopje from a perspective you haven’t seen before

4. Stone Bridge

Kame most

If you’re in Skopje, this attraction is a must-see location! Connecting the modern center of the city with the old bazaar, this bridge connects cultures, time, and space. It was built on the Vardar River over Roman foundations during the Ottoman Empire. Since then, this stone bridge has served the citizens for over 500 years! It has been damaged and restored several times, but the original structure is still preserved. Walk on the stone tiles and enjoy the beautiful view of the river and other significant buildings around the bridge.

5. The Old Bazaar

Stara Skopska charshija

Pass through the Stone Bridge and enter a different world. Located on the eastern bank of the Vardar River, the Old Skopje Bazaar reflects centuries-old culture influenced by the Ottoman Empire, and abounds with small shops and artisan workshops. It’s easy to get lost in the intertwined streets paved with cobblestones. There is something for everyone in the Bazaar, and it is also the best place to buy souvenirs from Skopje.

6. Cannion Matka

Kanjon Matka

Located just 17km from Skopje, this magical place is created by nature and humans. The Matka Dam was built in 1938 on the Treska River, creating an artificial lake surrounded by high mountains, as the first of its kind in the region. The name “Matka” is a symbol of birth, as well as the mother nature. Regardless of the season in which you have the opportunity to visit this place, you will find an abundance of recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, or kayaking. But even if you are only in the mood for a leisurely stroll, the trip will be worth it for the beautiful view!


7. City Park

Gradski park

Take a break from exploring the city and visit the City Park. This green area covers 16,000 square meters and is the largest park in the region. Located on the bank of the Vardar River, the park is home to the Zoo, several canals and ponds, rare flora and fauna, and many cultural monuments. And in the warmer seasons, the park is also the center of music and film festivals, sports competitions, and markets.


8. Civilisations Bridge

Mostot na Civilizaciite

Located close to the Stone Bridge, if you cross this modern bridge, you will find yourself right in front of the Archaeological Museum of Skopje. Also known as the “Eye Bridge” because of the design of the eye and the fountain in the middle, the sides of the bridge are adorned with 28 statues of important figures from Macedonian history. The bridge is an interesting sight during the day and at night, and offers great angles for photographing other buildings in the city center.

9. Archeological Museum

Arheoloshki muzej

Located on the left bank of the Vardar River, the museum is a sight to behold from both the outside and the inside. Built in 2012, the museum is home to around 7,000 archaeological artifacts found on the territory of North Macedonia, dating from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. A large number of the items that are part of this institution are exclusive on a global scale. For all museum fans, this museum is a must-visit attraction.

10. Museum of Contemporary Art

Muzej na sovremena umetnost

After the catastrophic earthquake in 1963, the Museum of Contemporary Art was founded as a place for art pieces received by the state from international donors. Rising above the destroyed city, the museum is located on the highest point of the Kale hill, even higher than the fortress. In addition to occasional art exhibitions and events, the museum’s collection includes nearly 6,000 works of art from international and national artists.